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Terms and conditions
Hereby, AUTOBUSES MÉXICO PUEBLA ESTRELLA ROJA, S.A. DE C.V. advises its portal users of its Information and Privacy Protection Policy in order for them to decide in an express, free and voluntary way whether they wish to provide our company with their personal information requested in the portal for providing its services.

Please be also advised that the information is introduced in an automated file, whose owner is AUTOBUSES MÉXICO PUEBLA ESTRELLA ROJA, carrying out an automated treatment with the purpose of advising users about deals and offers.

Unless otherwise specifically stated, it will be necessary to complete any required information in the forms. If you do not provide every necessary detail, AUTOBUSES MÉXICO PUEBLA ESTRELLA ROJA will be able not to proceed, depending on the case, to the user registration or refuse the requested service.

The user will need to complete the forms with true, accurate, complete and up to date information, responding to the damages that may be caused by the faulty completeness of the forms with false, inaccurate, incomplete and not up to date information. If the user is a minor, they will be required the previous consent of their parents or tutors before introducing their personal information in our portal’s forms.

AUTOBUSES MÉXICO PUEBLA ESTRELLA ROJA has adopted the safety levels of personal information protection required by law, constantly adapting to new laws and jurisprudence. This way it guarantees the user their personal information confidentiality, except that the information is requested by the appropriate authority by using the appropriate method and according to applicable legal provisions. However, the user needs to be aware that the safety measures on the Internet are not infallible.

Likewise, AUTOBUSES MÉXICO PUEBLA ESTRELLA ROJA is committed to meet the confidentiality obligation regarding the information contained in the automated file according to what is reasonable as regards information protection.


The user or the person representing them will be able to exercise, at any time, the right to access, correct, cancel, and, if applicable, oppose to the treatment of their personal information by sending a written communication by email to AUTOBUSES MÉXICO PUEBLA ESTRELLA ROJA,, where it is accredited the identity of the user exercising any of the rights mentioned in this paragraph.

AUTOBUSES MÉXICO PUEBLA ESTRELLA ROJA hereby advises users of the use of “cookies” when they browse the different screens and pages in the portal. The “cookies” used by our company are stored in the hard disk of the user but can not read the contained information in it or read the “cookies” created by other providers. However, the user will be able to disallow the generation of “cookies” by selecting the relevant option in their browser.

AUTOBUSES MÉXICO PUEBLA ESTRELLA ROJA uses “cookies” to recognize the users who have registered and offer them a personalized and individualized service according to their needs. Likewise, “cookies” are used to obtain information about the date and time of the user’s last visit, measure traffic parameters within the portal and estimate the number of visits, allowing our company to focus and adjust the services in the most effective way.

In case  AUTOBUSES MÉXICO PUEBLA ESTRELLA ROJA provides a special service for which it determines specific provisions different from these ones, regarding the protection of personal information, the priority will be given to the application of the particular rules stated for that service in particular over the ones hereby stated, in case of inconsistencies.

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